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Basic Fleet Tracking

FAStrac Basic Fleet Tracking provides web-based tracking for one or hundreds of vehicles. Our customers appreciate the user-friendly design that allows them to locate a vehicle or process a stop report showing frequented Landmarks in just a few steps. Other features of this system include the use of Google Earth™ for live tracking and mobile live tracking available with your iPhone.

Status of Fleet Page

The Status of Fleet page gives you a quick overview of your fleet. Your vehicles are listed along with when they last reported. Speed, direction heading, battery voltage, and odometer mileage are listed as well. A numeric switch indicator lets you know if the ignition is on or off. If you click View Last listed beside a vehicle listed, a page will open showing the last reported location of the vehicle on Bing™ maps.

Vehicle Tracking

Google Earth™ is used for vehicle tracking. While the vehicle is stopped, it will be represented by a red car. When the vehicle is in motion, it will be indicated by a white arrow pointed in the direction of travel.


Several types of reports can be generated that are beneficial to your company. Information for the reports are pulled for the entire fleet and produced to an Excel spreadsheet. Some of the available reports include speeding over a specified threshold, idle time report, stopped duration report, and mileage by state report. Our Proximity Report allows you to insert the Latitude and Longitude of a specified location to verify if a vehicle has traveled within 1,000 feet of the location. If a vehicle was in the proximity of the location, the date, time, and vehicle ID will be identified. Mileage reports can also be automated to be emailed monthly or quarterly.


Landmarks are stops that your fleet frequently visits that can be added and edited on Google Earth™. These are individualized for each customer. When a history, idle, or stop report is generated, the named Landmarks will be listed instead of the address. Examples of landmarks are offices, fuel stops, farms, and delivery locations.

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