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The main dashboard is the central location to see every aspect of the tracking system. The Dashboard allows for convenience, simplicity, and utility.

Vehicle Editor

Management of vehicles can be challenging for a large company. With the FAStrac platform, administrators can separate vehicles, assets, and individuals based on departments, geographic, location, or purpose. Each group/fleet can have a unique set of permissions allowing for a variety of customization and privacy.

Vehicle Maintenance

Tracking a vehicle on the FAStrac system is easy and can save time and money. In addition, it helps users keep track of unique vehicle properties such as driver, serial number, license plate, registration, and more. The different properties allow administrators to keep records, contact information, and vehicle descriptions just a click away in case of emergency.

Vehicle Tracking Page

The main tracking page of the FAStrac system gives users all the information they need about their resources at a glance real-time. On the left side is the control panel with the name, label, and status of each resource. The rest of the screen uses Google Maps to overlay resources on the map.

Tracking History Playback

With History Playback, users can quickly see where an asset, vehicle, or person has been during a specific time frame. With a simple press of a button, those locations can even be mapped on one location report at a time. This allows you to compare multiple vehicles in the History view.

Share Link Feature

Sharing has become a large part of today's culture. With the Live Share feature, users can send a link to anyone's email address to show the asset's location. Privacy settings allow the link to have an expiration date and time.



FAStrac offers more than 20 detailed reports that use historical data gathered from a number of different GPS tracking devices. Our reports help users understand how resources are being used and assist in identifying trends so changes or improvements can be made.

Report automation allows users to benefit from the system without ever having to login. For example, state mileage reports can be emailed to personnel every month or quarter for reporting to necessary state or federal agencies.

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